Michele Loew

Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Michele has been a student and teacher of yoga since 1998, having studied extensively in the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions. Having a strong understanding of biomechanics & anatomy, she is known for her keen observation and ability to guide a student towards aligning the physical and energetic body. She brings to her classes a warm and engaging style that reflects her own internal understanding of the practice. She is an avid student of yoga philosophy and yoga therapeutics and continues to study with her principal teacher Richard Freeman while regularly working with Rod Stryker and Doug Keller. She recognizes them with gratitude for their incomparable wisdom and generosity of spirit. Michele is the owner and director of The Yoga Space in Portland, Oregon, and teaches the 200 & 500 Yoga Alliance Certification programs.  Michele sees clients in private to support recovery from injuries, and structural misalignment.  She has also taught and been the director of the yoga program at Wieden & Kennedy since 2002.  She practices Tibetan Buddhism as part of her spiritual practice and has attended a number of Kalachakra initations with HH The Dalai Lama guided by her teacher Robert Thurman. 

503-869-1660 | michele@theyogaspace.com


Emily Light


Yoga entered Emily's life in 2001, after growing up in the world of classic and contemporary dance, countless hours at the gym, and a steady sprint of perfectionism.  She left the dance world and was looking for another outlet to keep her body strong. At the end of one of her first yoga classes, tears streamed down my cheeks and she knew instantly that yoga was so much more than she had anticipated. She had found a healing balm, a warm and supportive container for growth, and the teachings that would help her transform the tremendous pain and trauma of my younger years, into embodied wisdom.  She knew early on that she wanted to share this practice. 10 years after her introduction to yoga, she had completed her  first teacher training, traveled to India, met her  first yoga therapy teacher, Swami Tureyananda, and studied under his close guidance for 2 months in the mountains of Kodaikanal.  She found her way to Portland, OR after returning from India, and four years later  graduated from a yoga therapy program with Sarahjoy Marsh, earning a ERYT-500 hr. certification.

After 2500 hours of training and over 6000 hours of teaching, traveling the world, loving and losing love, getting up and falling down again, she is  continually amazed and humbled by this practice. The vast healing she has personally experienced, and  witnessed in her students, continues to guide her deeper into practice, and it’s here that we learn how to be the best teacher we can be. 

971-313-4747 | emilylightyoga@gmail.com


Angelina Vasile

Forrest Yoga

Angelina Vasile has been teaching healing movement as her full time profession since 2001. Her classes reflect her study and passions for anatomy and alignment, the science of breath, psychology, trauma­informed yoga, nature, ceremony and service. Her personal practicecontinues to heal and teach her; it is the anchor and inspiration for her own spirit and life. She completed a BA in Dance Performance & Choreography in 2000 , is a certified Pilates instructor (2001) and a certified Forrest Yoga teacher (2007). She is also a teacher trainer for Living Yoga since 2011. Experienced with a broad range of students, in class and private one­on­one sessions, she specializes in working with injuries, athletes, pre/post­natal, emotional backlog, chronic pain and those struggling with body image related disorders. With an embodied and down­to­earth approach, Angelina is passionate about teaching you how to breathe deeply and move consciously so that you can truly connect with yourself...and beyond.



Ian LeMasters

Vinyasa, Acro Yoga

 Ian discovered the practice of Yoga in 2011 while seeking a physical routine to stay in shape for his field work as an Archaeologist in Latin America. His practice quickly grew to incorporate mental and spiritual connotations as well, and in 2013 he completed his 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga under Tiffany Maloney in Beaumont, Texas. His classes are a Vinyasa-based Asana practice that aim to find the connection of Mind, Body and Breath while exploring the joy of being present in motion. Being an avid lover of movement culture, Ian also completed an Acroyoga Teacher training under Daniel Scott in 2016, a.k.a. The Yoga of Trust, and offers a teaching style that emphasizes the power of human connection with a personal motto: "To show how healing the art of play can be when done through a space of mindful connection".

409-656-6465 | Ian.LeMasters@yahoo.com


Allison Duckworth

Vinyasa, Prana Flow Yoga

Allison is passionate about breath centered movement. She utilizesasana class as a form of moving meditation. She creates a fun and compassionate space for students to explore and grow their yoga practice. Her intention is to empower students on the mat so they can share their gifts with the greater community.

She began practicing yoga while attending college in 2000. After graduating she lived aboard a sailboat with her now husband. This very simple and pure existence, deeply in tune with the surrounding elements allowed her to nurture her path of living yoga. In 2006 she completed a 200 hour Integral yoga teacher training. She found Prana Flow® yoga during this time and immediately felt deeply connected. In 2010 she completed her 500 hour teaching certificate in Prana Flow® with Shiva Rea. This transformational experience cultivated deep community and broadened her understanding of yoga to include the embodiment of yoga, energetic alignment, ayurveda, and tantra.  She has continued to deepen her life as a living sadhana. Allison iscurrently a mentor for the Samudra School of Living Yoga.

410-699-1798 | allison.n.duckworth@gmail.com


Roger McKeever

Vinyasa Yoga

Roger McKeever, eryt-500, is the founder of Sacred Tremor. He is an inspirational teacher, storyteller, adventurer, spiritual activist, and artist. He is known for demonstrating the transformational power of yoga. He is playful, intuitive and grounded; his instruction is challenging yet nurturing. As a spiritual activist, Roger guides us to the persistent call from within to make more art and make more love.




Megan Born

Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative

Megan started out as a casual yoga practitioner before deepening her practice as a means of balance to her ultra-running. She is currently studying with Michelle Loew in the 500 hour Ashtanga based training at the Yoga Space where she completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teacher training in early 2016.

Through her endurance running, Megan has developed a deep curiosity for the connection between the mind, body, and breath. This has led her to continue her studies in the Ashtanga lineage in pursuit of cultivating a richer knowledge of alignment and discipline. Megan's teaching style is kind, playful, athletic, and respectful to the history of the practice.

Megan also believes that yoga is magic.



Sarasvati Hewitt

Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin

At the age of 19 Sarasvati took her first yoga class and then began  studying with Ki McGraw and Bob Smith in Seattle, Washington at the Hatha Yoga Center and at their school in Bali Indonesia. In 2003 she received her 200 Hr. Training. Her teaching style has been greatly affected by Seane Corn, Travis Elliot and Sweethome Teacup. Sarasvati has  been teaching yoga for 12 years now throughout Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon. She has taught 4 year-olds through 94 year-olds. Sarasvati used to co-own a busy yoga studio in Portland Oregon shifted her focus to how Yoga and Neuroscience go hand in hand. After watching Neuroendocrinologist Dr. Robert Sapolsky's documentary on stress she was inspired to begin studying neuroendocrinology through Sapolsky's recorded lectures from Stanford. In June of 2014 Sarasvati studied Neuroscience, Mindfulness, and Modern Yoga for Transforming Trauma at Kripalu with Jim Hopper and Dana Moore. Sarasvati currently study Interpersonal Neurobiology at Portland State University.
Her life experiences in parenting, story, anatomy, depression, extreme illness in pregnancy, and injury have led her to this intersection of Yoga and Neuroscience. Sarasvati has acquired great tools for transformation and joyfully shares them with the world in her teachings and  workshops.

5103881367 | sarasvatihewitt@gmail.com


Emily Baumann

Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa

Emily teaches Vinyasa Yoga with a strong focus in alignment and fluidity in transition.  She grew up dancing and ultimately received a BA in Dance from UofO in 2011.  She found Vinyasa Yoga in 2008 at CorePower Yoga in Portland where she completed 200 Power teacher training in 2011.  Emily has taught for 5 years now in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Portland.
     She was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 8.  Aside from a few major periods of inflammation, it is in remission.  She is filled with gratitude for the healing practice of Yoga and compassion for those with disability.   
     In 2015, she began practicing a modified Ashtanga style with Yancy Scot Schwartz.  A thirst to get closer to the source of Yoga tradition led Emily to a Mysore Ashtanga practice in late 2016.  She studied Ashtanga with Ralph Craig who ultimately introduced her to Nichiren Buddhism.  She became a member of the SGl in March 2017.
     2017 brought many challenges; Emily's Dad has Alzheimer's, her best friend has cancer, among others.  Emily's Ashtanga and Buddhist practices gave her the courage to look into the very center of her heart where her friend and her Dad reside.  She put international travel dreams on hold to spend a week with her friend in the hospital, and move back to Portland to help her Dad.  
     Emily helps students to see their truth and take action to do their best under the given circumstances.  She teaches to awaken the highest in everyone and unite humanity through believing in the brilliance of our collective light.


5033274549 | baumannemily327@gmail.com


Heather Shaw

Vinyasa, Hatha

Heather Shaw began practicing yoga in 1998 as a way to balance her life as a dancer in New York City. Her mat quickly became her refuge - a place where she could enjoy movement minus the self-conscious performance aspect. By 2002, she was teaching yoga full time at studios such as OM yoga center, Kula Yoga Project and Exhale Spa. In addition, she has led teacher trainings both in NYC and Portland, as well as served as a teaching assistant to international yoga teacher Shiva Rea. Heather’s classes are rooted deeply in her own daily asana and meditation practices, blending clarity of alignment with fluidity of breath and reflecting the wisdom of the many yogis who have guided her over the years. A student of Buddhist meditation in the Shambhala tradition, Heather is inspired by her own teachers, Charity Martin and Miles Neale. She continues to study with her longtime friend and (very first) meditation instructor, Ethan Nichtern, and is currently working towards a certificate in Buddhist Philosophy and Contemplative Psychologythrough the Nalanda Institute (NYC). These days, Heather spends much of her time testing the mettle of her yoga practice as the mother of two children, who remind her daily that wisdom cannot exist without compassion -- which often translates as pausing long enough to take a deep breath and pay attention.

503-789-0551 | heather@tejaseyogapdx.com


Eugene Lewins

Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar

Eugene began his practice of yoga in 1994, seeking a body-centered foundation for the spiritual search he found himself plunged into at the birth of his first child. His teacher training with Aadil Palkhivala and Julie Gudmestad rooted him in the alignment of Iyengar yoga and awakened a fascination with the transformative power of each posture. Ongoing study included 600 hour massage therapy at East West College. A climbing accident in 2010 deepened his understanding of yoga as a healing journey. Along with 100% recovery, that journey led to the publication of his book - Vibrant Body, The Subtle Anatomy of Yoga. He co-led a trip to Tibet in 2013, leading a group to explore sacred mountains and monasteries, including the remote lake shore where Iyengar's own teacher studied the secrets of yoga almost 100 years ago. Eugene hopes that his classes lead each student - through challenge, humor and awareness - back to their own source of divine connection.


503-939-9657 | yogawitheugene@gmail.com


Nathan Mills

Hatha, Vinyasa

athan is a renowned teacher of yoga, healing movement, and martial arts who inspires us to move thoughtfully, practice mindfully, and be present and aware with every brilliant breath life has to give. With over 14 years of teaching experience and over 30 years of practice you will be inspired by the way practicing with Nathan over time enhances your strength and abilities not just in yoga but in all facets of life. Born handicapped Nathan was given the gift of yoga and movement as a child. These  practices have healed Nathan through much adversity in the 40+ years he has been blessed to live on this amazing planet. His passion is to help inspire healing in others through working as a nutritional counselor and massage therapist when he’s not teaching movement classes. Nathan also loves to act and dance and travels periodically to perform in the occasional independent film. For more information on Nathan’s holistic healing practice please visit www.bushidowellness.com

310-913-0275 | nathan@bushidoyoga.com


Emily Wright


In Emily's experience, yoga is about connection. Connection between movement and breath, mind and body, heart and universe. Through her teaching, she seeks to empower students to find compassion and gratitude; to learn to let go; and  to connect with what is most steady and true in their hearts.

Emily teaches focus and strength through one-breath-one-movement flow, as well as longer holds. Students are always encouraged to smile and laugh, and to truly enjoy their practice. Inspired by 15+ years of training in various schools of dance and theatre techniques, classes often become playful and students are offered unique ways to connect with poses. Throughout each practice, students are guided towards their poses with intuitive assists and modifications for all body types and capabilities. Expect to release into a couple restorative poses towards the end of the class, and leave feeling refreshed and balanced.
Emily completed her 200 hr training in Portland at The Yoga Space with Michele Loew and Simon Menasche. She has also continued her education as a student of the Elevate Winter 2014 program with Jill Knouse. She would like to recognize all of her teachers for their compassion, guidance, and generosity in sharing their abundant knowledge.

336-813-3132 | emilypowellwright@gmail.com


Kaitlyn McConnell

Vinyasa, Hatha

Kaitlyn teaches a strong, stabilizing, breath centered class that is a mix of flow and static postures. Her practice of yoga has helped her to recognize the power within each of us to live a life that is full and satisfying and her classes are a reflection of that. In her classes each student can expect personal attention and hands on adjustments, she allows each student to work at their own pace while still challenging them to find something new in the practice each time they step onto their mat. Kaitlyn is a Yoga Works trained teacher with over 10 years of experience and over 500 hours of teacher training through Yoga Works in Los Angeles, CA. She recently moved back to her home, the Pacific Northwest and is thrilled to be surrounded by so many wonderful yogis and yoginis

213-215-7851 | kaitlyn.mcconnell@gmail.com


Lockett Taylor

Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Lockett began practicing yoga in 1998. Walking out of her first class ever, she thought to herself, "Well I guess I'll do that for the rest of my life...." She went on to study Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga extensively with Timo Jimenez here in Portland, and completed teacher training and advanced teacher training with Tias Little in Santa Fe. Her practice and teaching reflect her experience with those traditions, as well as the broader creativity of Vinyasa yoga. In Lockett's classes you will be guided to work at your own pace towards balancing strength and flexibility while cultivating breath and mindfulness through a continuous flow. She believes yoga is a practice of patience and determination, an increasingly subtle balancing between effort and ease. Lockett also teaches Restorative yoga in which quiet supported poses work to restore energy, provide healing, reduce stress and soothe the mind.

971-570-3702 | lockettallbritton@hotmail.com


Alicia Johnson

Vinyasa, Ashtanga VInyasa

Alicia's practice started over 10 years ago and has provided a source of balance and inspiration during phases of change, challenge, and self study.  To her, yoga is an earnest companion for growth that is both physical and mental - both are pathways for an initiation to openness, compassion, and mindfulness.  Alicia received her 200 hour teaching training certification under Michele Loew in March 2015 and remains Michele's student with the 500 hour program.  Alicia's experiences and practice have brought her to many types of yoga, and from those she bases her teaching on an intelligent alignment flow.  The practice she teaches makes use of creativity, humor, and mindfulness, all with a foundation based on the study of the ashtanga lineage.





Simon Menasche

Hatha Yoga (All Levels)

Simon has taught yoga since 1976. His classes are a creative synthesis of Iyengar and Vinyasa styles infused with meditation & Feldenkrais influences.

503-246-0272 | monsai@earthlink.net


Kyle Yoshioka

Vinyasa, Ashtanga,

Kyle's classes emphasize breath-centered movement, strength, and grace. They are an opportunity to explore the revitalizing potential of the practice.

Kyle has been a student of yoga since 2009. He has studied a variety of yoga lineages and is a graduate of The Yoga Space's 200-hour teacher training program. His studies with Michele continue through her 500-hour training: an intensive education in Ashtanga yoga. He also has a background in Shotokan karate and comes from a family of martial arts practitioners.


707.324.9785 | kyle.yoshioka@gmail.com

Emily Taormina

Vinyasa, Ashtanga

After a few years of self study and attending Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga studio classes, Emily began practicing yoga deeply, embarking on a journey through India in 2012. There, she studied at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre in Dharamkot - Dharamsala and Goa with Sharat Arora, a student of B.K.S Iyengar. After completing her first asana and pranayama intensive teacher training, she went on to experience many different teachers during her time abroad. In Thailand, she studied briefly at the Agama Yoga Center in Koh Phangan and completed a second foundational course in Thai massage at the Sunshine School in Chiang Mai.

After returning to the U.S and moving to Portland from the East Coast, she completed the 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training with Michele Loew, Rosie Acosta, and Simon Menasche. In 2016, Emily continued her education in the Ashtanga lineage-based 500-hour training with Michele. She continues her studies through workshops and daily practice.

Emily is interested in the body and mind therapeutics found in all yoga styles and hopes to teach her students the importance of body awareness and intelligence while practicing alignment driven asana. She believes that yoga is not about touching your toes, but about the intention you bring to the practice.



Christine KIllian

Christine became a student of yoga in 2007 after searching for something to help strengthen and heal sports-related injuries and anxiety. With a desire to deepen her practice in 2012, she signed up for a 200-hour Anusara Teacher Training with Michael Fukumura. It was Michael that introduced her to the principal of opening to grace and bringing intention to her practice. Feeling that 200 hours was not enough, in 2015 she registered for Michele Loews 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training and continued onto the 500-hour program offering an exploration into the Ashtanga Lineage. This encouraged her love for the practice and helped her develop the confidence she needed to share her offerings. Stepping onto the mat has brought many gifts that have evolved over the years, and it is her hope to help you find your own unique gifts through the practice of yoga.



Sally Garrido

Sally is a long time mover in Portland's Modern Dance world, but a recent arrival in Portland's Yoga Scene.

In 2006 she became a certified instructor of Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis (once called Yoga for Dancers) and after years of teaching she turned to Yoga via Pilates in an effort to heal herself of escalating pain and physical injuries as well as to alleviate the stresses of work/life imbalance.

Once a real skeptic of yoga, she has come to trust its power of encouraging deep listening and of honoring the teacher within. 

Having completed her 200 hour training with Michele Loew in 2017, she is now immersed in Michele's 500 hour training.


Taryn Burns


Trevor Allen

I received my 200hr-RYT certification under Michele Loew in March 2017 and remain Michele's student in her 500hr-RYT teacher training.  In my classes you can expect a combination of steady flow and deep holds, intentioned around alignment, awareness and breath.  I strongly believe that yoga is for everyone and in teaching I aim to emphasize the importance of mindfulness, self-compassion and personal growth—to cultivate a combination of solidarity and security, followed by openness and compassion.  With an honest, playful and personal approach to teaching, I hope to leave my students feeling less isolated and more free, whilst more grounded and personally complete.  I find solace in the understanding that it’s all just practice—there is no goal to attain other than that process by which those goals are intentioned, and I hope to embody that sentiment with you, both on and off the mat.  Yoga has accorded me a more profound relationship with life (both singular and abstract) as well as greater awareness in the participation of its evolution.  I feel no greater privilege than to share that substantial gift with others.




Rose Schneider

Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Restorative

Rose first encountered yoga in 2006, practicing intermittently, but with increasing interest, until 2009 when she began intensive study with her first teacher, Rutu Chaudhari-a devoted student of Aadil Palkhivala.  With the primary intent of cultivating the habit of practicing yoga more regularly coupled with Rutu’s expert guidance and passion for a holistic practice, Rose completed her 200 hr certification in an alignment based asana practice in the Purna yoga tradition.

Rose completed her B.A. in Classics from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, NM in 2000, an M.A. in Humanistic Psychology in 2004 and two years of post baccalaureate pre-medical science classes.  She enjoys synthesizing into her teaching her many years of academic study combined with her current interests in eastern philosophy, contemplative neuroscience, yoga and meditation.




Tami Apland

Yoga Space Staff

Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin


Audrey Magnuson

Audrey is a 200 RYT and currently a 500-hour student under the bright guidance of Michele Loew. She creates a space where strong breath and alignment-based instruction allow each student the freedom to be intuitive in their own movements while enjoying exactly where they are today.  She aspires to bring both vigor and sweet surrender to each class. 

971-803-0923 | audreykmagnuson@gmail.com


Junior Staff

Community donation vinyasa classes

The Grads of Yoga Space 200 & 500 Teacher Training Programs!  They are all awesome.  Come share their love and passion in community donation classes.



Rosie Acosta


Rosie has been practicing yoga since 2004. Her practice began as a compliment to training for the L.A. Marathon. After a few years this became so much more than just a form of exercise, it became her practice. Working in Hollywood she found that Yoga was her only way to find her space for peace. She uses Yoga as a laboratory to learn integrity, honesty, discipline and acceptance. Rosie completed her teacher training at YogaWorks receiving her 500hr RYT certification studying under David Lynch, Anne Van Valkenberg, Eka Ekong, Jeanne Heileman and mentoring under Carolina Goldberg. She has done extensive workshops with Lisa Walford, John Gaydos, Suzanne Sterling, Sean Corn, Ana Forrest and Rod Stryker. In 2012 she completed a 200hr Teacher Training with Hala Khouri and Julian Walker at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, CA. Her teaching style incorporates sequences that flow through inversions with attention to the breath, building towards balance and flexibility. Classes are skillfully sequenced to help students find their own space and enjoy their practice. Rosie is a proud ambassador for Manduka, Yoga Earth and Beyond Yoga.

626-627-4105 | Acosta.roc@gmail.com

Kyle Yoshioka and Michele Loew

Andrea Lounibos