Mastering The Basics of Ashtanga Vinyasa with Michele Loew

Location: Yoga Space NW 210 17th Avenue, Portland OR 97209
Dates: Wednesday nights June 14, 21, 28, 2017 6:30-9pm

Study the Primary Series of Ashtanga over 3 Wednesday evenings in June with Michele Loew, supported by Yoga Space staff . Carefully examining each posture, utilizing props and modifcations to support all students. Come learn the series as a way to deepen your yoga practice, as principles can be applied to other types of asana. As you memorize the series and set a foundation for Mysore self- practice, a regular home practice becomes your gift to yourself. Ashtanga Vinyasa is one of the most potent practices of cleansing and strengthening the physical body while awakening the subtle body and removing the obstacles to abiding in our highest selves.

This workshop will prepare student to go into our led primary series classes safely, and give encouragement to practicing in our Mysore guided self-practice room each morning.

Full series $150, add a 30 day unlimited Ashtanga pass for $75 Cost for full series & 30 day Ashtanga Pass $225  (DROP-INS Available at $50 a session)

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Yoga for the Low Back

Location: NW Studio
Dates: June 24th, 1:30-3:30pm, $40

In this all levels yoga class, we explore practices to stabilize the back and reduce pain. We will learn about how habits and patterns shape the body and cause injury. We will explore core strengthening, Hatha, vinyasa and yin practices to help us to recover from and prevent future back pain.

Intro to Forrest Yoga

Location: NW Studio
Dates: Friday, July 21st 6:30-8:30pm, $40
Ana Forrest developed her specific method and sequencing of yoga practices to address the chronic physical patterns, psychological ails and spiritual landscape of our current, contemporary society.  The four pillars of Forrest Yoga are Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.  In this workshop, Angelina will introduce you to the "basic moves"--the foundation of Forrest yoga, simple, deep breath practices, the illuminating  "relax your neck" technique, invigorating core work,  standing poses for strength and how to begin to quest for a deeper connection with your own true voice and spirit. 

Ty Landrum

Location: Yoga Space NW 210 17th Avenue, Portland OR 97209
Dates: October 20-22, 2017

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Doug Keller, "The Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga

Location: Yoga Space NW 210 17th Avenue, Portland OR 97209
Dates: December 14-17, 2017

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