Michele Loew

Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Michele Loew is an international yoga teacher and the founder and director of The Yoga Space in Portland, Oregon.  She is known as a teacher’s teacher and is respected for her 200 Hr & 500 Hr. Yoga Schools and her ability to combine Western knowledge of the body (Anatomy & physiology and modern kinesiology techniques) with the Eastern tradition of yoga.  

She has studied and taught avidly since 1998, having studied extensively in the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions as well as the Sri Vidya lineage.   She is known for her keen observation skills and her ability to guide a student towards aligning the physical and energetic body through the use of expert hands on assists and intelligent verbal cues. She brings to her teaching a warm and engaging style that reflects her own internal understanding of the practice.  

Michele is an avid student of Eastern & Western Philosophy and continues to study with her principal yoga teacher Richard Freeman with whom she has practiced with since 2000.   She has been Richard’s assistant in his teacher trainings and workshops, and has a close understanding of his brilliant middle path teaching.  She practices Tibetan Buddhism, and received several Kalachakra initiations with HH The Dalai Lama and practices Vajrayana as guided by her beloved teacher in Buddhism, Dr. Robert Thurman.

Michele teaches regular classes and trainings in Portland, as well as retreats and workshops internationally.  For more information on Michele please visit her website & please follow on Instagram and Facebook.

INSTAGRAM:  @micheleloew

503-869-1660 | michele@theyogaspace.com


Emily Light


Yoga entered Emily's life in 2001, after growing up in the world of classic and contemporary dance, countless hours at the gym, and a steady sprint of perfectionism.  She left the dance world and was looking for another outlet to keep her body strong. At the end of one of her first yoga classes, tears streamed down my cheeks and she knew instantly that yoga was so much more than she had anticipated. She had found a healing balm, a warm and supportive container for growth, and the teachings that would help her transform the tremendous pain and trauma of my younger years, into embodied wisdom.  She knew early on that she wanted to share this practice. 10 years after her introduction to yoga, she had completed her  first teacher training, traveled to India, met her  first yoga therapy teacher, Swami Tureyananda, and studied under his close guidance for 2 months in the mountains of Kodaikanal.  She found her way to Portland, OR after returning from India, and four years later  graduated from a yoga therapy program with Sarahjoy Marsh, earning a ERYT-500 hr. certification.

After 2500 hours of training and over 6000 hours of teaching, traveling the world, loving and losing love, getting up and falling down again, she is  continually amazed and humbled by this practice. The vast healing she has personally experienced, and  witnessed in her students, continues to guide her deeper into practice, and it’s here that we learn how to be the best teacher we can be. 

971-313-4747 | emilylightyoga@gmail.com


Ian LeMasters

Vinyasa, Acro Yoga

 Ian discovered the practice of Yoga in 2011 while seeking a physical routine to stay in shape for his field work as an Archaeologist in Latin America. His practice quickly grew to incorporate mental and spiritual connotations as well, and in 2013 he completed his 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga under Tiffany Maloney in Beaumont, Texas. His classes are a Vinyasa-based Asana practice that aim to find the connection of Mind, Body and Breath while exploring the joy of being present in motion. Being an avid lover of movement culture, Ian also completed an Acroyoga Teacher training under Daniel Scott in 2016, a.k.a. The Yoga of Trust, and offers a teaching style that emphasizes the power of human connection with a personal motto: "To show how healing the art of play can be when done through a space of mindful connection".

409-656-6465 | Ian.LeMasters@yahoo.com


Allison Duckworth

Vinyasa, Prana Flow Yoga

Allison is passionate about breath centered movement. She utilizesasana class as a form of moving meditation. She creates a fun and compassionate space for students to explore and grow their yoga practice. Her intention is to empower students on the mat so they can share their gifts with the greater community.

She began practicing yoga while attending college in 2000. After graduating she lived aboard a sailboat with her now husband. This very simple and pure existence, deeply in tune with the surrounding elements allowed her to nurture her path of living yoga. In 2006 she completed a 200 hour Integral yoga teacher training. She found Prana Flow® yoga during this time and immediately felt deeply connected. In 2010 she completed her 500 hour teaching certificate in Prana Flow® with Shiva Rea. This transformational experience cultivated deep community and broadened her understanding of yoga to include the embodiment of yoga, energetic alignment, ayurveda, and tantra.  She has continued to deepen her life as a living sadhana. Allison iscurrently a mentor for the Samudra School of Living Yoga.

410-699-1798 | allison.n.duckworth@gmail.com


Emily Wright


In Emily's experience, yoga is about connection. Connection between movement and breath, mind and body, heart and universe. Through her teaching, she seeks to empower students to find compassion and gratitude; to learn to let go; and  to connect with what is most steady and true in their hearts.

Emily teaches focus and strength through one-breath-one-movement flow, as well as longer holds. Students are always encouraged to smile and laugh, and to truly enjoy their practice. Inspired by 15+ years of training in various schools of dance and theatre techniques, classes often become playful and students are offered unique ways to connect with poses. Throughout each practice, students are guided towards their poses with intuitive assists and modifications for all body types and capabilities. Expect to release into a couple restorative poses towards the end of the class, and leave feeling refreshed and balanced.
Emily completed her 200 hr training in Portland at The Yoga Space with Michele Loew and Simon Menasche. She has also continued her education as a student of the Elevate Winter 2014 program with Jill Knouse. She would like to recognize all of her teachers for their compassion, guidance, and generosity in sharing their abundant knowledge.

336-813-3132 | emilypowellwright@gmail.com


Lockett Taylor

Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Lockett began practicing yoga in 1998. Walking out of her first class ever, she thought to herself, "Well I guess I'll do that for the rest of my life...." She went on to study Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga extensively with Timo Jimenez here in Portland, and completed teacher training and advanced teacher training with Tias Little in Santa Fe. Her practice and teaching reflect her experience with those traditions, as well as the broader creativity of Vinyasa yoga. In Lockett's classes you will be guided to work at your own pace towards balancing strength and flexibility while cultivating breath and mindfulness through a continuous flow. She believes yoga is a practice of patience and determination, an increasingly subtle balancing between effort and ease. Lockett also teaches Restorative yoga in which quiet supported poses work to restore energy, provide healing, reduce stress and soothe the mind.

971-570-3702 | lockettallbritton@hotmail.com


Ashley Futrell

Ashley is returning to Portland, Oregon, August 26th as The Yoga Space’s Ashtanga Program Director and Mysore teacher. As one of the original Mysore teachers in the program’s beginnings in 2016, she is enthusiastic to return to support its continuation and connect again with the Portland community. It is her aim to develop an extended Mysore program rooted in mutual inquiry, trust and kindness to support each individual’s exploration of the external and internal forms.

Ashley was first introduced to the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition by Michele Loew and received her 200hr and 500hr RYT certifications at The Yoga Space in 2016. Ashley has since continued her study with Michele’s longtime teacher, Richard Freeman. Over the last years, Ashley has had the opportunity to learn with many dedicated practitioners and teachers of yoga including Ty Landrum, Tim Miller and Rod Stryker. Ashley now studies regularly with her principal teachers Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor and completes their 200hr teachers intensive in August 2019.

As a daily practitioner, Ashley resonates with the immeasurable transformative qualities of yoga and its function as a foundational compliment to all areas of life. She teaches to provide a safe space for anyone to have the opportunity to inquire and to practice.
She is passionate about connecting with community and inspiring community to connect with each other.


Alicia Johnson

Vinyasa, Ashtanga VInyasa

Alicia's practice started over 10 years ago and has provided a source of balance and inspiration during phases of change, challenge, and self study.  To her, yoga is an earnest companion for growth that is both physical and mental - both are pathways for an initiation to openness, compassion, and mindfulness.  Alicia received her 200 hour teaching training certification under Michele Loew in March 2015 and remains Michele's student with the 500 hour program.  Alicia's experiences and practice have brought her to many types of yoga, and from those she bases her teaching on an intelligent alignment flow.  The practice she teaches makes use of creativity, humor, and mindfulness, all with a foundation based on the study of the ashtanga lineage.





Kaitlyn McConnell

Vinyasa, Hatha

Kaitlyn teaches a strong, stabilizing, breath centered class that is a mix of flow and static postures. Her practice of yoga has helped her to recognize the power within each of us to live a life that is full and satisfying and her classes are a reflection of that. In her classes each student can expect personal attention and hands on adjustments, she allows each student to work at their own pace while still challenging them to find something new in the practice each time they step onto their mat. Kaitlyn has been teaching at The Yoga Space for over 5 years and teaching for 10 years.

213-215-7851 | yogakm@gmail.com

Radhika Tipre

Radhika was born and brought up in India. She first encountered yoga as a teenager when her mother (a yoga teacher in Mumbai, India) encouraged her on the path. Since then, Radhika has been an avid student of yoga, having earned her 200hr certification with Dina Lang and 500hr certification with Michele Loew.

She enjoys cultivating a home practice based on the Ashtanga primary series framework. Radhika is passionate about offering a welcoming space in her classes to help students stay curious and engaged in their present experience.  She loves teaching Restorative, Yin, and Beginning Yoga classes at The Yoga Space and looks forward to seeing you on the mat soon!



Paul Hogan

The heart of Paul’s teachings involves asana with a focus on internal alignment, mindfulness and strength. Paul began his yogic journey looking for a companion stretching exercise for his sport of long distance cycling finding a class at his local gym. Before long the combination of breath, movement, and mindfulness had taken a strong hold on his soul and he continued his studies under Tiffany Maloney in Beaumont, Texas. This deep immersion into yoga tradition, including the Yamas and Niyamas, had a profound effect on Paul’s psyche and inner being; allowing him to move through deep personal struggles and past samskaras. After years of practice, Paul felt compelled to share this ancient healing practice to others and embarked on teacher training completing his 200hr RYT with Tias and Surya Little at the esteemed Prajna Yoga school in Santa Fe, New Mexico and a 500 RYT certification with Michele Loew of The Yoga Space in Portland Oregon. As an avid lover of movement and community, Paul is also certified as a Yoga Of Trust Acro Yoga teacher studying under Daniel Scott.


Celeste Arnold


Allie Galiardo

Allie is an abstract artist originally from New York, and has been heavily influenced by the practice of yoga.

After noticing the self healing aspects yoga has to offer, she decided to deepen her practice in 2016, diving into Michele Loew’s 200 hour training (and currently, the 500 hour program.) Her classes focus on an integrated blend of Vinyasa flow, breath centered moving meditation, and restorative practices.

Her passion is to create a space for people to reconnect with themselves, deepen their awareness, and navigate the practice physically and mentally: on and off the mat.

Yoga has shined a light on the power of the present moment: whatever you are seeking, already lies within. 



Russ Dodge

Russ participated in his first yoga class while working through a rock climbing injury, and immediately knew he would become dedicated to the practice. Even with a previous lack of interest and understanding, he felt that it was something he had always been waiting to find. His experience of discovery is a small example of how the rich history and wealth of knowledge that yoga offers can be, and is, for everyone.

Russ received his RYT 500 certification from Michele Loew at The Yoga space, and continues his study through daily practice, books, and a general curiosity for all things "yoga." He aims for his classes to be strong and challenging, to bring awareness to the body and breath (yoga!), and to give equal attention to transitions and held poses alike.

Russ was born and raised in Hood River, Oregon, and after a few years of traveling (some of) the world, ended up back in Portland. In addition to his yoga practice, he enjoys rock climbing, outdoor activity, and being a metalhead.

Lauren Bozarth


Marissa Dunn

Marisa moved to Portland, OR from NYC in 2017 with her husband Jeff and her little furry bff, Tuck.  She never would have thought she would leave the east coast, but at this point in her life she was beyond ready for a change.  It was time for her to get to know herself again, her passions, her desires.  She had no clue how to go about that.  But, she did buy a yoga mat and so, the journey began from there. She started practicing weekly with Dina Lang, student of Sir Dharma Mittra.  Marisa knew after her first class with Dina that yoga would be a daily practice for her. She signed up for her 200 hour teacher training with YoyoYogi in 2018. Upon completion, she joined the Living Yoga community and completed their Trauma Informed Yoga Training Program.  In Jan of 2019, Marisa met the yoga space community. Michele Loew and all of the teachers and students made her feel so welcome. She started studying the practice of Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga with Michele Loew and staff. This was when Marisa realized she was ready to share the practice. Yin and Nidra have become as part of her daily life.  She learned that in order to find this sense of calm that she had been searching for, she needed to let go of trying to control everything - realizing that there was nothing she needed to fix or change.  She found her breathe - and with that came a sense of quiet/stillness in the mind and in the body.  And from there, she realized that everything she needed to feel safe and content was within herself all along - and so she reminds herself of that every day.  To have the opportunity share this practice with others is a gift.  


Katie McKenney

Katie began dabbling in yoga practice back in 2010. Her first yoga classes happened early in the morning at her local restaurant/dive bar (Eugenios, RIP). The owner, Eugene Gray, would guide whomever was willing to show up in an early morning session. In 2014, after some encouragement from her teacher, Katie’s interest peaked and she began studying Ashtanga vinyasa seriously and fell in love with the practice. For the past two years, Katie has been studying under Michele Loew, and has completed both her 200 and 500 hour trainings.

Katie’s classes are a playful strength-based vinyasa flow, centered around the breath.

She was born and raised in the Northwest just outside of Seattle, and moved to Portland in 2008. Katie lives with her Cat Felix, her Dog Tala and often finds playful ways to include her pets into her home practice.

Yoga Space Staff

Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin


Junior Staff

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The Grads of Yoga Space 200 & 500 Teacher Training Programs!  They are all awesome.  Come share their love and passion in community donation classes.


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