When you come to class

Wear comfortable and clean clothing.  We ask you be mindful of other students by not wearing perfume or other fragrance.  Be mindful to turn off your cell phone.  Traditionally yoga is practiced on an empty stomach, 1-2 hours after a light snack and 3-4 hours after a heavy meal. Drink plenty of water before hand, as it is usually not drunk or at least limited during practice.  However, bring your water bottle if you don't have time to drink beforehand and feel you need it.  Advise the teacher if you have any preexisting or current injuries or if you are pregnant. Bring your own Yoga mat.  We have studio mats for rent, and many props available for you to use as well.  If you show up late to class, please honor the other students and walk in quietly. 

New Students

We offer a New student intro of 2 weeks for $45 so you can try out all of our wonderful teachers and classes. Most of our classes are All-levels, as this was the traditional way of teaching in our lineage. Beginners learn along side intermediate/adv. students, and our teachers give options for each level with gentle assists and alignment instructions to help your practice grow. We also offer a few Beginning classes which focus on the basics. Please feel free to contact our studio at if you have any questions or help deciding which class would be best for you.

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