• Clear Light Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

    Location: The Yoga Space
    Dates: November 4th-November 8th, 2021

    This Fall's training will focus on practices to enter our original primordial luminous mind & bliss-emptiness indivisible. The training will provide teachers of yoga and meditation, as well as students and seekers on the path to freedon, enough information to develop a home-practice of Yoga Nidra and to begin sharing Nidras with others intelligently. It is a deeply infomative synthesis of the yoga nidra practices.


    Thursday, November 4th 9-11am PDT & 12-2pm PDT
    Friday, November 5th 9-11am PDT & 12-2pm PDT
    Saturday, November 4th 11-1pm PDT & 2-4pm PDT
    Sunday, November 7th 11-1pm PDT & 2-4pm PDT
    Monday, November 8th 9-11am PDT & 12-2pm PDT

    For more information, or to register to attend virtually, click here!

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  • Vajra Yoga Online Course with Michele Loew & Robert Thurman

    Location: Zoom & our Online Platform
    Dates: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: September 7th - November 20th 2021


    Join us for an online yoga training opportunity not to be missed!

    Our director, Michele Loew & Professor Robert Thurman are offering an online in depth study of the Indic-Tibetan Yogas,  Yoga & Buddhist  Tantric Philosophy, & a Deep Transformational  journey into the luminous nature of self.  This is training will be based on lectures and practice in yoga philosophy, Buddha dharma,  yoga asana-both  Tibetan & Hatha Yoga traditions.  

    Open to  all wishing to discover the secret to self empowerment, compassion, wisdom, and inner and outer freedom.   

    The Next 300 course begins September 10th, 2021. Please contact to register.

    Live-streams will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 8-10:30am PST. Videos can be watched and re-watched after the live broadcast at any time.

    MODULE 1:  Foundations in Mind and Body Yogic Practice: The Free Void Womb of Compassion 

    • Hatha/ Vinyasa Yoga Asana:  Standing Poses / Core / Forward Folds

    • Tibetan NeJang Yoga

    • Introducing the Philosophies of Yoga, Dualist and Non-Dualist

    • Shiva and Kalachakra Yogas


     This is a rare opportunity to study intimately and extensively in the context of a yoga training with Professor Emeritus, Padma Shri Robert "Tenzin" Thurman- Vajracharya in the lineage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, world renowned scholar and authority on Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Science, Indic Spirituality,  and world philosophy.  He will elucidate the Buddha's teachings and offer inner scientific, philosophical, and spiritual inspiration for our yoga practices.  


    Michele Loew, in the Hatha Yoga Lineage of Krishnamacharya and also Kalachakra  and Tibetan Trulkhor yoga practitioner, owner and director of The Yoga Space, Portland, will marry the teachings of Vajrayana & Hatha yoga traditions  in practices that we can embody.  


    $700 for each term, $2000 for full course. (monthly payment plan available)  Scholarships available.  

    Option to obtain a Yoga Alliance Certification for teaching or  CEUS.

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