• Clear Light Yoga Nidra 100 Hour Course

    Location: The Yoga Space / Online
    Dates: TBA


    The full 100 hr course consists of Three 4 Day Immersions, with accompanying reading and online resources for continued study. Homework will be part of each course to allow for absorption of the material.

    Each 25 hour Immersion can be taken alone or part of a deep dive into the magical enlightening universe of the Clearlight Yoga Nidra 100 hr Certification course.

    The Immersions can be taken in-person or Live-streamed on zoom. They are also available for replay up to 1 year after the course airs. Each live stream will be put up on our teachable platform for replay for students in other time zones.

    The 100 hr course is a comprehensive study of Yoga Nidra with time in between each module to put apply the practices into your daily life, journal, study, and deepen your insight and be part of a community of other yogis navigating the same course. You will be able to share and receive yoga nidras and share insight ongoing with the clear light community of other yogis and guides.

    The 100 hr course is also one of the elective modules in Vajra Yoga 500 hr school, and Michele’s 200/300 hr “The Subtle & Profound Hatha” Yoga alliance teacher training course.

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  • Buddhism for Yogis : The Three Vehicles with Tenzin Robert Thurman & Michele Loew

    Location: Online
    Dates: Replay Course Ongoing

    This is an Online course on the Buddha's teachings on yoga.  It is a collection of short teachings that instruct on meditation and comparative Buddhist/ Classical Indian Yoga Philosophy.  This course on the Buddha's 3 Vehicles, Sutras, Mahayana, & Tantra, will help any yogi deepen their path to freedom, bliss, enlightenment.  

    Price $444 for lifetime

    or 3 Payments of $150 

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    At some point on the yogi/ni’s path, they come to the teachings of Patāñjali’s Yoga Sutras. As if by magic, asana practice is transformed through the study of the text, and the poetry of the sutras begin to open the practitioner's life to a yogic investigation with the world off the mat. Scholars and Yogi/nis alike are investigating just how much the Indian inner sciences of Patāñjali’s Yoga Sutras have in common with the practices and sutras of Buddhism. In this course, you’ll personally take up this investigation, and with guidance you will explore for yourself the unfolding of these integrated wisdoms. Fully aligned with His Holiness’s the Dalai Lama commitments in life, this course will show how practical the Buddha’s teachings are, how closely they relate to the wisdom of yoga, and how compassion can be an effective and efficient tool in re-building our world together. 

    The course is a series of lectures and practices given by renowned Buddhist Scholar, Robert A.F. Thurman, and Yogis Michele Loew, Richard Freeman, and Mary Taylor.  

    This is a timeless course that can be studied and reviewed for years to come.  

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  • Previous Online Workshops

    Location: Online
    Dates: 2020-2021

    Experience our catalogue of past classes! Whether you weren't able to attend, are in need of a replay, or are finding the class for the first time, enjoy these courses from The Yoga Space!

    Yoga Nidra Online Teacher Training:
    We will study and practice the transformational meditative yogic tantric science of Yoga Nidra, the awakening practice of enlightened sleep.

    The Complate Vajra Yoga Immersion:
    Join us for this totally unique yoga immersion exploring the philosophical and experiential interface between Hatha Yoga and Indo-Tibetan Vajra Yoga traditions.
    Each Module may also be purchased separately:
    -Module 1
    -Module 2
    -Module 3


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