Location: Menla Retreat / Online
    Dates: MARCH 30 - APRIL 02, 2023

    Join Michele Loew at Menla for this deep dive into the depths of Yoga Nidra, the practice of sleeping with awareness, or enlightened sleep. Michele Loew has been practicing Yoga Nidra for 25 years, and in this comprehensive training we look into this inner science and the ways it can be practiced and shared to access different states of consciousness and ultimately pure awareness. A sister science to the Tibetan Dream & Clearlight sleep practices, this practice can be done as an entry way into those practices, or vehicle to navigate all four of the nocturnal practices.

    Students that are purchasing this course will have access to Michele’s 100 hr online Nidra School with Yoga Nidra practices and comprehensive teachings on the science of Yoga Nidra. For those students interested in Yoga Alliance Certification for continuing education or credit towards a 200 hr teacher training certification, this is available with the completion of all materials, homework and quizzes.

    Our in person retreat will include 3 Yoga Nidras daily, meditations, light stretching and yoga practices to prepare the body, discussions, contemplations, and teachings on this ancient tradition of deep healing and rest.

    This course includes the study of Yoga Nidra’s effects on the physical body and mind:

    - the reduction of stress and disease

    - the healing power of the practice

    - the science of sleep, comparative neuroscience and studies on Yoga Nidra

    - the use of intention for transformation-becoming a powerful creator sourced by intuitive wisdom.

    - clearing obstacles, mental obscurations in order to discover the natural luminous mind.

    - working with trauma, and Yoga Nidra for PTSD

    *We will also learn how to create and share intelligent and affective Yoga Nidras for others.

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    Thursday, March 30

    • 3 - 6 pm  Arrival and Check-in
    • 6 - 7 pm  Dinner
    • 7:30 - 9 pm  Welcome and Opening Yoga Nidra Session with Michele

    Friday, March 31 - Saturday, April 1

    • 8 - 9 am  Breakfast
    • 9:30 am - 12 pm  Morning Session: Light Yoga Movement & Yoga Nidra Study/Practice
    • 12:30 - 1:30 pm  Lunch
    • 2 - 4 pm  Free time for Spa Treatments, Self-Practice, Hiking etc
    • 4 - 6pm  Afternoon Session:  Yoga Nidra Practice and Teachings
    • 6 - 7 pm  Dinner
    • 7:30 pm  Sleep & Dream Yoga Practice

    Sunday, April 2


    • 7 - 11 am  Check-out of Rooms
    • 8 - 9 am  Breakfast
    • 9:30 am - 12 pm  Morning Session
    • 12:30 - 1:30 pm  Lunch
    • 2 - 5 pm  Closing Session

    * Please note the schedule is subject to change at any time.

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    Location: Lake Orta, Italy
    Dates: June 9 - 16, 2023

    Join us in Italy for a transformational week of practice, meditation, and philosophy study, as we immerse ourselves in the meditative inner science of Vajrayana Buddhism and yoga.  Vajra Yoga studies the Buddha’s teachings on freedom and the yoga practices which support uncovering clearlight reality.

    Robert A.F. Thurman is one of the world’s greatest philosophy teachers on Buddhism.  His style of teaching the dharma captivates the listener and is at once a joy to listen to and awakening.  Michele Loew teaches both philosophy and meditative practices that help us embody and transform.  She will share morning Hatha Yoga, afternoon Sadhana meditation practices on Tara and the female wisdom buddhas, and evening Yoga Nidras and Dream and clearlight sleep yoga.  Bob will teach philosophy sessions each day that will guide the rest of our program.

    We will focus on the Female buddhas this week and the mother tantras of Heruka Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini. Dr. Nida Chenagtsang will be informally joining us for a few days of the retreat to join Bob in uncovering and sharing these wisdom teachings.

    Prices include 7 nights accommodation and meals, and daily practices with Michele. All yoga props are provided. Prices Range from $1900-2660.

    PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, Please contact us if you want to start a monthly savings program to cover this investment in you!

    To purchase via Paypal or make Paypal monthly payments, please email

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    Location: Ithaca 108: Ithaca, Greece
    Dates: July 1 - 8, 2023

    Join Michele in an intimate retreat setting to deepen your yoga practice and immerse yourself in the Mediterranean sun, water, hiking, and mythology of this ancient land.  We will practice yoga, pranayama, chant, meditate, contemplate, and relax!

    Ithaca was the mythical island of Odysseus, and is filled with wisdom energy. The crystal waters, emerald sea, sacred forests, and sun filled days will be the setting for our deep dive together. Come fill your inner being with yoga, myth, and community, and treat your body to the incredible organic food, hiking, swimming and culture of this magical island.

    Prices include 7 nights accommodation and meals, and daily practices with Michele. All yoga props are provided.

    PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, Please contact us if you want to start a monthly savings program to cover this investment in you!

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    Location: Blue Spirit: Nosara, Costa Rica
    Dates: August 5 - 19, 2023

    Transform, Reset, Renew, Empower yourself to be live in the light of your original blissful nature.

    Take A Deeply Embodied Spiritual Journey in Paradise with inspirational & transformational yogini Michele Loew. This 2 week yoga asana intensive will transform your practice, bring deep insight, and plant seeds that will manifest in the most beautiful ways ongoing. This course will include 2 sessions of asana daily with hands on assists and Michele’s eyes and expert therapeutic assists. We will work with alignment of physical form, but through the understanding of how energy moves and flows within our channels, winds and drops. Along our intensive yoga asana practices, we will study philosophy, chant, meditate, and enjoy the beautiful beach and energy of this sacred land in Costa Rica. The teachings will be inspired by the inner traditions of yoga that have shined a light on our luminous infinite perfect nature. Join us for 14 days and nights of shared practice in community inspired by the power of the great Pacific Ocean, the joy & kindness of the Costa Rican people, the nurturing of an extraordinary retreat center, and daily physical practice combined with mindfulness teachings in the beauty nature.

    Prices include 14 nights accommodations, meals, and daily practices with Michele

    PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE, Please contact us if you want to start a monthly savings program to cover this investment in you!

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