• SEPTEMBER 15-17

  • SEPTEMBER 22-24


  • OCTOBER 14-15

ELECTIVE Immersions

  • -Trout Lake, Washington 5 day immersion, Asana & Assists, philosophy & practice July 14-19th, 2023- 40 hours

  • -Blue Spirit 100 hr 2 week immersion August 5-19th, 2023 in Nosara, Costa Rica with Michele & community- 100 hours

  • -100 hr Yoga Nidra Online Immersion (replay course with homework and self study)- 100 hours

  • -Doug Keller and Michele Loew 5 day immersion September 27-October 1st (Yoga Therapy and philosophy)- 50 hours

  • -Mahasiddhas Reunion with Michele Loew, Krishna Das, Dr. Robert Svoboda, and Robert Thurman December 11-17, 2023. 100 hours

  • -Vajra Yoga Module 1, 2, or 3 with Michele Loew & Robert Thurman. Each module is 100 hrs.

Online/self paced requirements

  • -Anatomy videos & quizzes- 30 hours

  • -philosophy reading & assignments-Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Taravali: Reading, lectures, and writing assignments or projects. 30 hours. Michele will give assigned reading and a few fun projects to help you integrate these into your life.

  • -teaching, assisting, or video presentations. 10 + hours- This will include creating a 60 minute teaching video as a final.

The course builds on your 200 hr. foundational course and will provide you with expert level education and teaching skills in Vinyasa yoga, methodology, injury prevention & support, alignment based asana, pranayama, meditation, and comparative Indic philosophy in classical yogas of Vajrayana Buddhism, Hinduism, and Classical Indic philosophy from a non-sectarian approach. It is designed to polish your teaching to the next level of brilliance.  In 200 hour trainings we learn the basics to teach and begin our self study, here we will learn who we are as teachers and learn to teach from within & that yoga which we have deeply integrated. 

Michele Loew will teach, advise, and curate this course, with Ian LeMasters giving anatomy and advanced asanas training, and world renowned Doug Keller, Robert A.F. Thurman, Dr. Robert Svoboda, & Krishna Das, sharing wisdom on elective segments of this course.

  Please contact Michele by email if you have more detailed questions about this course.    michele@theyogaspace.com

Tuition Options.

$3300- includes Portland weekends & online materials only (pay for your other course hours Ala-carte.

$3800- Includes In-Person Weekends Portland September/Oct Online Self Paced Requirements/ 100 Hr Nidra Course/Trout Lake Weekend retreat.

$6500-8000 (depending on room)- Includes In-Person Weekends in Portland/ Costa Rica Retreat 2 Weeks at Blue Spirit/ Doug Keller course/ online requirements/ Trout Lake weekend retreat.

To attend the December Mahasiddhas reunion or Vajra Yoga rather than Costa Rica, please register for Ala-carte option, and then purchase the other courses you want to attend. Michele will help you curate your course and hours.

Portland Weekends

Weekend 1:   Foundations of the Middle Path;  Standing Poses and Suryanamaskar;  Standing Poses, Tantra/Ashtanga Vinyasa & Trishtana;  Kena, Katha, & selected Upanishads;  Meditation training.  Basic Sanskrit & chanting.  

Weekend 2:  Forward Bends & Hip Openings; Yoga Sutras; Meditation Training. 

Weekend 3: Backbends & Twists Yoga Sutras; Meditation Training

Weekend 4:  Yoga Therapeutics; The Bhagavad Gita "The Middle Path of Love";  Meditation Training

Weekend 5: Inversions & Arm Balancing