Special Events

  • Rediscovering Freedom: the Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga with Doug Keller

    Location: The Yoga Space
    Dates: Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2023

    ‘Rediscovering Freedom’ seems like an apt theme to explore, particularly after the restrictions of the past couple of years. And this theme will have a practical, focused purpose for understanding therapeutic applications of yoga more deeply — particularly with regard to chronic pain patterns.

    With both learning and doing, you’ll be given the tools to deepen your own practice and to gain confidence and insight for working with students. This is about making the most of the benefits of a yoga practice on any level!

    A theme that will run through this training is an understanding of how and why joint pain, muscle stiffness and weakness, limited range of movement, and recurring pain patterns have a common root in the body’s protective reflexes — and what to do about it to restore strength, flexibility, and function.


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